Moving In
2003-02-27 18:01:01 ET

My walls, are filthy. I need to paint this place bad. I've been here over a week, and I've still yet to unpack. D'oh.

2003-02-27 18:53:44 ET

I like you. You seem uncomplicated. And funny. For example, thinking it odd that it's been a week and you haven't unpacked. Hell...I've lived in my place for three years and I'm still living out of boxes and suitcases. I mean, I might be a little extreme...but I dunno. It was a cute statement on your part.

2003-02-27 19:03:10 ET

I've been busy nonstop since I moved, barely having any time to do anything, let alone unpack. Bascially, if I need something, I hope I remember what box I put it in. D'oh.

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