Snoop Dogg Televizzle
2003-03-03 21:02:43 ET

Ok, Snoop Dogg's Televizzle was just on, and it was amazing. I think of any rapper or even rock star, he's the most genuine. Take most rappers or rock stars, and all I see is nothing but pretense. Do you think The Hives sit around all day in their poofed up hair? Do you think it's what they look like when their pooping? They look like you or me when they poop. I wonder if they put on their ties and cleverly mussed up outfits and hair to go get the paper. Do you ever wonder if all Jay Z really wants is just a hug? So yeah, pretense is stupid. We're all goofy, smelly things at various times.

Snoop dogg seems to appreciate that. If you don't like his music, and many don't, I got to at least point out that it looks like he's having a ball doing whatever he's doing. He's got that ganstah thing going, but he seems not to suffer from rock/rap star pretense. Anyway, I'm tired, and probably not making sense.

2003-03-03 21:25:04 ET

it was funny when he showed up in old school it was like...where the hell did he come from?! i really didn't like his role in baby boy though. it just made me angry. it amazes me that for someone so skinny, he can be that fucking intimidating.

2003-03-03 21:36:57 ET

They showed some clip of him from his first days on Yo MTV Raps! and he was so shy. Now of course, he is not so shy.

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