2003-03-18 00:43:14 ET

My book was translated into two other languages... Polish and Japanese. I've got a Polish copy, but until now I don't have a copy of it in Japanese. Looks like I will soon.
Dear Tony, I am *** **** at O'Reilly Japan who is in charge of providing authors with books translated into Japanese. It is nice to talk to you taking this opportunity. We are happy to send you two copies of Japanese translation of the book. If you would like it, would you please let me know your address to receive them? In case I have not heard from you, please allow me to think that you would not need it. Thank you for taking time out of your tight schedule on this. Please have a nice day. Sincerely,

2003-03-18 19:04:29 ET

what is your book about?/title?

2003-03-18 19:14:53 ET

It's a nerd book. It's about server load balancing.

2003-03-18 19:23:29 ET

ahh ok

that is a nerd book.

but good job :)

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