My Wang Is So Pretty
2003-04-07 05:22:47 ET

Monday's Comic.

I thought of this comic at the last minute, in the shower, as I was contemplating the things I tend to contemplate about when I'm in a shower.

That is to say, I was thinking about wangs.

Trimming your pubes (notice I said trimmed, and not fucking shaved, a distinction I'll ellaborate in just a minute) has an interesting effect of adding inches to your observed length. It's easy to see why porn stars do it.

Be sure not to shave your pubes. To get this enlarging effect, you need only trim them, which is fortunate. Shaving pubes takes a lot longer, and if you ask any girl who shaves her pubes, she'll tell you what a fucking pain in the ass it is.

Remember, when you trim your pubes, you too can look like a porn star.

2003-04-07 05:48:11 ET


2003-04-07 10:04:19 ET

i'm picky. my boys need to be shaved. i'm that much of a bitch that if he doesn't already do it, i make him feel the pain i feel by shaving.

2003-04-07 12:25:55 ET

I am picky as well. There is nothing quite as inspiring (boner-wise, at least) as a shaven cunt. Trimmed cunts are nice, but only have about 20% of the niceness of a shaven one. Out of control pubic hair is not fun.

2003-04-07 12:52:02 ET

I hate pubic hair, its icky!

2003-04-07 14:56:14 ET

i was having this conversation with one of my new friends the other night. kinda weird, we haven't really talked about anything but schoolwork together and out of the blue she was telling me about how she's decided not to shave unless a boy she is commited to wants her to. what do you think the percentage of girls is that a) shaves b) trims c) doesn't shave, do a damn thing besides condition?

2003-04-07 15:04:22 ET


2003-04-07 15:10:07 ET

put hair conditioner on their pubes, to make the hair softer/cuter

2003-04-07 15:14:22 ET

Um. Ew. I don't want those sorts of chemicals, etc, anywhere NEAR there... Bad bad bad. Fragrances are also very bad for that area... EW.

2003-04-07 15:16:04 ET

you don't put conditioner INSIDE you, just on the tuft of hair above your pussy. i dunno, i did it for the two years i didn't shave.

2003-04-07 15:18:46 ET

Ehh. Noo. I don't even like bubble bath. I'm really sensitive to stuff... fabric softener was also invented by satan... ugh. I should really wear all unbleached cotton washed in filtered spring water... I'm kidding...

2003-04-07 17:26:17 ET

wow...that sucks :\ hopefully it will be an allergy you'll come out of!

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