Plum Wine
2003-04-08 16:38:01 ET

I'm a pretty cheap date. I'm halfway into a glass of home-consumed Japanese plum wine and I'm feeling dizzy.

I realized that at no point in the past 12 years have I worn anything that would have looked out of place in an EMF video. I'm quite proud of that.

2003-04-10 15:40:55 ET

at least it isn't wine in a box... RIGHT?


wine in a box
wine in a box
wi-ne in a boxxxxxx
wine in a box

2003-04-10 16:17:36 ET

Haha, I think this might be classier than wine in a box, but not by a whole lot.

2003-04-11 13:33:46 ET

psh shaw!!! NEV_AH!!!

2003-04-11 14:10:16 ET

Yes! Classier!

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