Things I Like/Things I Hate
2003-04-09 13:29:49 ET

Things I like:
  • Short-haired androgynous girls (long enough to pull, short enough to be mistaken for a boy)
  • Japanese plum wine
  • The porn star Vanessa Chase
  • Pilot v-ball pens
  • Runners high
  • Things I hate:
  • The word "huzzah". Seriously. The onion brought about the revival of a word that should have laid fucking dormant.
  • Spelling
  • Chase Manhattan bank, for various annoying issues
  • This cold spell
  • Suckubuses. No, I'll not elaborate further.

  • 2003-04-09 16:54:14 ET

    chase bank still exist?

    2003-04-09 18:28:00 ET

    Yup. One of the biggest in NYC.

    2003-04-09 18:28:16 ET

    And I think they're called JP Morgan Chase.

    2003-04-10 04:45:09 ET

    wow. i havent seen a chase bank in years.

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