Martha Fucking Stewart
2003-04-14 15:55:07 ET

So I got new drapes. The previous owners were heavy smokers apparently, as there is lots of soot and funk all over the old vinyl blinds, and they are fucking disgusting.

Therefore, I've replaced them with rice-paper japanese-style blinds. They look much, much better.

New Blinds. The red blinds are the old ones, the white, new.

2003-04-14 16:11:20 ET

i really like the cotton/paper ones. very nice!:)

2003-04-14 16:26:08 ET

new is definately better...the old would have matched my old room..i had red carpet :oP blech!

2003-04-14 16:26:33 ET

Yeah, they were covered in funk. No good.

2003-04-14 16:28:19 ET

funk = no good which is what some college students need to learn about their clothing ewwww

2003-04-14 16:28:56 ET

They look nice. :)

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