Two Sluts
2003-04-23 19:32:42 ET

This is what happens when two sluts hook up at a bar. Oh, the joys of not being able to bring a girl home because of hooking up with another girl the night before and forgeting to clean up the mess.

2003-04-23 19:35:04 ET

Those are the best comics in the world..hehe makes me laugh every time

2003-04-25 06:06:38 ET

Hehe, thanks :)

2003-04-27 15:27:42 ET

what are those white things?

oh duhh, emily...

2003-04-27 15:55:28 ET

Haha. *splat*

2003-04-27 18:11:38 ET

oh don't splat me!

2003-04-27 19:48:41 ET

You'll get splated and you'll like it!

2003-04-27 20:07:55 ET


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