2003-04-25 06:03:12 ET

Today's comic: Occupied.

It's tough juggling the demands for many booty calls, for not even I can violate the laws of time and space.

You'll note the Jesus Jones poster. One really is above my bed, further reinforcing my assertion that women shouldn't really even be talking to me, let alone calling me for booty calls.

2003-04-25 07:29:27 ET

you can always push her off the bed and make space for the next.

2003-04-25 07:33:18 ET

yeah, i'd go for the push off the bed thing...give it a little sweep off and you're good to go.

and Jesus Jones rocks :)

2003-04-25 08:13:13 ET

*amused beyond belief*

2003-04-25 09:57:23 ET

that was me once upon a time

2003-04-25 10:09:32 ET

If you follow my 4 easy steps to (or back to) sluthood, you can be that person once again!

2003-04-25 10:11:10 ET

your such a whore.

2003-04-25 10:14:08 ET

I try. I mean, i really try. Too hard, I think sometimes.

2003-04-25 10:15:20 ET

uh huh.

2003-04-25 10:15:57 ET

all signs say i should, but i gotta say no

2003-04-25 10:27:59 ET

everybody's doin' it!

2003-04-25 13:39:30 ET

yeah yeah welll..

2003-04-26 08:31:05 ET

Join us... don't be afraid....

*porn zombie*

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