Urbana Work
2003-05-05 09:58:33 ET

I'm spending some free time today working on the image library routines for the Urbana Project (the BME/subk system).
   else if (preg_match("/png/i",$userfile_name)) {
        echo "$userfile_name is a PNG file 

"; $imageinfo = getimagesize($userfile); $x = $imageinfo[0]; $y = $imageinfo[1]; } else if (preg_match("/gif/i",$userfile_name)) { echo "Oh shit, it's a GIF!

"; //$image = imageCreateFromGIF($userfile); //copy($userfile, "$userfile.gif"); $imageinfo = getimagesize($userfile); $x = $imageinfo[0]; $y = $imageinfo[1]; //system("/usr/local/bin/convert /tmp/$userfile.png"); }

I've managed to initially work around some of the limitations of GD (specifically, it doesn't write GIF files, although now it allows me to do read-only work with them). I asked M0xie how he handeled it, and he said he used ImageMagick and recommended standardizing on a single back-end format. I just might do that.

2003-05-05 10:57:08 ET

looks good so far :)

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