Happy Non-Mother's Day
2003-05-10 12:09:26 ET

Happy Non-Mother's Day

Happy Non-Mother's Day! Okay, I said the holiday was on Friday, but I think it's better on Saturday. Especially for all you man-sluts like me who have quite a few girls to call up.

Anyway, Non-Mother's Day is celebrated every year the day before Mother's Day. It's the day I give thanks for not having ever made a woman a mother. If you're blessed with child, then I have nothing but joy for you. However, for those of us that are happy child-free, today is our day to shine.

So guys, call up your lady friends -- lovers past and present -- and tell them how much you appreciate not being a daddy.

Ladies, come Father's Day, I expect that same.

2003-05-10 12:46:38 ET

haha thats too good

2003-05-12 19:26:47 ET

that's fabulous

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