Not Meant To Be
2003-05-11 17:56:29 ET

It's a shame when it just Isn't Meant To Be.

You find a cool person, you're attracted to them, but then you find out they're a top and your a bottom, or vice versa, or some other combo that just doesn't want to work out. Too bad.

2003-05-12 07:07:06 ET

well, perhaps we won't work out because i'm with that chick on her ideas...

2003-05-12 11:01:26 ET

wouldnt a top with a bottom work?

2003-05-12 11:04:22 ET

I'm a top. That girl there is a top. Doesn't work.

Top and bottom work perfectly.

2003-05-12 11:09:58 ET

i was just a bit confused with your wording in the caption

"but then you find out they're a top and your a bottom"

2003-05-12 11:53:30 ET

ahh. guess i fucked that one up.

so what're you? ;)

2003-05-12 11:58:20 ET


2003-05-12 13:49:07 ET

Actually i just wanted to type ambidextrous

i lean towards my boyfriend in those matters

2003-05-12 14:49:55 ET

What does that mean? Leaning, that is.

2003-05-12 14:54:14 ET

i'm slowly backing out of this page

2003-05-12 16:16:57 ET

that i match with him, thats all i'll say

2003-05-13 12:25:21 ET

let's hear it for pushy bottoms. \m/

2003-05-13 13:09:36 ET

I prefer strong personalities, and submissive sexuality in women.

2003-05-15 23:32:47 ET

word word

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