My Butt-Sex Guide
2003-05-28 19:09:00 ET

I bring you my Butt-Sex Guide.

Here is a subject very near and dear to my heart: Buttsex. I'm talking the great act of love known as anal sex.

It's a wonderful act, one that can bring a greater bond between man and woman (or man and man, or woman and woman [with appropriate tools]).

Unfortunately, too many women are scarred from the experience because of a boy that didn't know what the fuck he was doing. If you decide you want to buttsex your lady, you can't just spring it on them. You can't be like "suprise!". That's a no no.

As with any aspect of a relationship, it requires communication. Talk to you lady, hoochie, or slut about this carefully, and plan ahead. Lot's of lube, lots of Barry White, and lots of luck.

Peace out.

2003-05-28 20:25:54 ET

So true. do you have a favorite lube for the ol anal in and out?

2003-05-29 06:07:44 ET

I like silk and of course, the old standby: astroglide.

2003-05-30 02:48:53 ET

are you trying to tell us-everyone out in SK land as well as the regular readers of your comic, that Barry White is the only music to listen to if you ever hope to get some ass luvin from your woman?

2003-05-31 08:59:02 ET

barry IS the only music out there...

2003-06-02 03:44:21 ET

LOL! and Luther Vandross is not a sexy soul man?

2003-06-02 05:23:07 ET

ryan adams is sexxxxxy

2003-06-02 05:41:08 ET

shadeland-i hope you're taking this all in. these are the opinions of real women with real radios :P

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