2003-06-11 06:48:34 ET

I leave for Amsterdam on Friday. My Irish passport finally arrived, just in time. While I don't need it to travel to Europe (I have my US passport), it's more convienent to travel to/through Europe with an EU passport. Also, I think it's a bit safer. No one is really pissed off at Ireland.

2003-06-11 06:55:54 ET

the safety issue is laughable, but you'll be standing in shorter lines ;)

Have fun!! Don't forget to visit Rotterdam. It's a beautiful city.

2003-06-11 07:30:27 ET

I'm not so sure. My brother has gotten out of a few incidents by being Irish and not an American clod. He tends to hang out in dodgy neighborhoods, though.

I'l be going to Strausberg as soon as I get into Amsterdam. Then I'm taking my brother back with me to Amsterdam for a few days as his birthday present.

2003-06-11 07:31:59 ET

yay im a pervert too we should be friends

2003-06-11 08:40:26 ET

have fun in amsterdam. i'm jealous...

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