2003-06-30 17:45:54 ET

Yeah, it's fucking hot out. I went running today, I'm not sure how far but I'm guessing around 3 miles. I ran from my place to Washington Square park, did 2 laps, and then ran back home. Running through St Marks Place is kind of like an obsticle course.

2003-06-30 18:07:18 ET

is your goal to be super waif-like?

2003-06-30 18:10:32 ET

My goal is to be healthy. Although, not as dehydrated.

2003-07-01 04:49:07 ET

uh huh.

2003-07-06 06:20:17 ET

dont run...its too hot youll pass out...and everyone will see you lying in the road with your little running shorts riding up your ass crack

2003-07-07 06:54:07 ET

and my sweaty balls flapping in the light breeze.

2003-07-07 06:56:10 ET

that will forever be etched in my brain. now i can go kill myself.

2003-07-08 05:52:06 ET

gross hahahah

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