Digital Underground
2003-07-02 07:03:08 ET

Holy shit! Digital Underground is playing tonight live! I wonder if they'll play The Humpty Dance.

I loved that song so much, I actually did get busy in a Burger King bathroom.

2003-07-02 09:26:46 ET

i got a request to insult you but its just too easy.

2003-07-02 11:09:46 ET

I'm very easily insultable.

2003-07-02 11:12:21 ET

i know. i had a nice little insult laid out but you dont put up a fight.

2003-07-02 11:33:50 ET

i did have something to say..i am now editing it..okay..yeah.

2003-07-06 06:19:09 ET

ewww sick...

public bathrooms = puke

2003-07-06 15:57:24 ET

i had sex in a public was rather was very is all i think about...i too am a pervert

2003-07-07 04:04:41 ET

i had sex in a car.....last night..ha

2003-07-07 05:36:58 ET

mmmm sex in a car....niiiiice!!!!

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