Running. Damn.
2003-07-09 16:31:16 ET

For the past week it's been in the 80's and even 90's, and running hasn't been easy. Tonight was rather cool, but I had other plans and couldn't go running.

The night before last I ran, from my place to my old place to Washington Square park, and then back. About 3 miles, and I wondered if I was going to pass out from the 85 degree heat.

I went and got sushi today, and scored me a nifty new "Aqua Teens Hunger Force" shirt. I be stylin' now.

2003-07-09 16:39:03 ET

if you didn't have ac you would be used to the heat...

2003-07-10 03:42:35 ET

i told you your gonna pass out!

be careful and dont forget what we have talked about

remember it could be the single most humiliating scene of your entire running career....

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