2005-07-19 21:26:53 ET

does anyone ever think life's just one big lie?
everything is just lies..
life's just a circle of lies that all follow each other makin it an even bigger lie..?
i feel like this..

2005-07-19 21:27:37 ET

I don't believe you

2005-07-19 22:16:24 ET

you lie

2005-07-20 00:41:14 ET

argh.. i feel im constantly lied to..
by parents, "friends", people at skool, just everyone n everythin in general..

2005-07-20 01:39:42 ET

u are on to something. i've felt i've caught people in the web of lies only to be blinded by more.

2005-07-20 02:16:29 ET

think we are all being lied to, but on a bigger scale like wagging the dog style.

2005-07-20 07:15:06 ET

Yeah! Was crushed when I found out the Easter Bunny wasn't real. Then on Easter morning. I found a rather unusual lump on my front porch. Needless too say, I had to use amonia and a scrub brush to remove the odd shaped lump. No more laughing at those Cadbury commercials for me!

2005-07-20 07:17:26 ET

Welcome to social cohesion. The girl I went out on a date with this past Friday did a complete 160 in the span of a car ride. Now it's hard to believe any of the women around here aren't lying about how they represent themselves...

2005-07-20 11:27:37 ET

nope. life is about discovering the truth, and how there isn't one path to it, either.

2005-07-20 11:58:07 ET

the SK philosopher speaks!

so tru mr axo

2005-07-20 12:14:33 ET

if you feel like life is one big lie...maybe the most important lies to deal with are the ones you are telling yourself.

...heh, I have a million of these pithy advice phrases! ;)

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