2005-07-21 20:39:58 ET

why does somebody say they care when u mean nothing to them?
im just full of questions.

2005-07-21 20:53:36 ET

perhaps one would say such a thing as a means of reinforcing encouragement. Now I would never say something of that caliber without meaning it but I guess all people are cut differently.

2005-07-21 20:55:05 ET

yeah.. but i dont need much encouragement.. i think theyre playin with my heart :S

2005-07-21 21:12:14 ET

If you know they're messing you got two options in my opinion:
Option A)Just read it as a meaningless thing and not worry
Option B)Ask the person if they are being truthful if they say no or laugh(probably nervous) turn around and then haul back and punch them in the nose.

Don't aim for the mouth as you don't want to get any scars on your knuckles.

2005-07-22 02:00:17 ET

thanks mate! will take it into consideration!

2005-07-22 12:09:14 ET

i agree with safety.

2005-07-23 22:49:40 ET

A groin shot works. Or perhaps a boot too the head.....

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