people are so fkd!
2005-07-25 20:39:42 ET

today i was in drama n i looked at the board.. i had written amy luvs ..... (the guy i like) n sum 1 had written all this stuff about me saying i was suicidal and pictures of me slitting my wrists with a broken bottle.. they drew stick figures of my with blood gashing from my wrist n stuff.. i cant stand the way some people work..
some people really have no idea..
xoxo : (

2005-07-25 21:04:27 ET

I hate when people do that.

Just kill them, worked for me ;)

2005-07-25 21:06:01 ET

mmm... they had drawn pics also implying i was a slut n stuf.. people are so sick.

2005-07-25 21:08:21 ET

Whoa, another guitar chick!

2005-07-25 21:45:00 ET

lol.. the difference is.. ive been playin for about 4 years n now theres about 100 girls at skool trying to get a cool image.. yeh sick! its got nothing to do with image.. isnt that rite all those girls out there who actually hav a passion in the instrument?

2005-07-25 21:46:25 ET

by the way, was that a bad whoa.. or a good whoa? lol
i cant tell these days..

2005-07-25 22:48:39 ET

It was an honest whoa in your favor my dear strat lover. Not many attractive young ladies play guitar or have their own tastes in music these days. Excuse my chauvinism but I observed that most babes tend to follow the trends of listening to pop music and not knowing much about general things (including a subject matter such as guitar playing). I play an Ibanez hollow body and my pal Chris (sk user firebird who recently made the move to florida) plays an SG. The more I play an SG, the more I want one. The SG specials have the cheapest price tag hitched on 'em but it's valuable to me as one of my dream guitars. I like their sharp tone. I have many other dream guitars but this week, my dream guitar is the Zakk Wlyde orange sawblade decorated les paul.

2005-07-25 22:49:40 ET

Man, ne1 heard a samick here?

Best guitar for grunge EVER!

2005-07-26 00:52:01 ET

those ppl are douche bags. EAT THEM!with ketchup or worshire sauce.

tet has a point, it isn't common to see chicks play guitar and have talent at it (even more uncommon for them to be beautiful...cept Melissa Auf Der Maur, but she's really a bassist...).

tet, i met the guy that paints Zakk's guitars. i even saw that job the guy did for his one with the razorwire bull's eye.

<-crappily plays a Washburn Force 3 Pro, a Hammond Organ, and a Korg Poly800.

2005-07-27 01:54:03 ET

hey thats sweet as! thanks..
yeah i dont even want a fender strat that bad but i just got the name after my love for hendrix..
i want a gibson flying v!

2005-07-27 14:54:31 ET

Oh, another one of my dream gee-tars. A flying V is gonna make me play just like KK Downing from Priest!

2005-07-28 00:57:13 ET

my bassist is guitar sitting a strat.

2005-07-28 03:02:51 ET

goody! lol can i borrow?
is it white?
if it is i think ill hav an orgasm!

2005-07-28 10:19:25 ET

u kno, i have no clue what color it is. he just got it cuz a friend is going into the military and this friend didn't want anyone to steal/sell or otherwise mess with said wife's godfather has an orange vintage one from the 60s.

2005-07-28 15:16:11 ET

I thought you owned a strat stratgirl.

2005-07-29 02:03:14 ET

nah mate.. i just like to dream..
that 60's one sounds fkn awesome!

2005-07-29 11:06:27 ET

yeah but it's going to be sold for like...7,000.

2005-07-29 15:03:22 ET

Firebird never ceases to bitch about the strat. I lean toward gibson-like guitars myself but the clean tone of a strat is irresistable in the right hands.

2005-07-30 01:38:19 ET

im in a great mood right now!
definitely on a high!

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