2005-07-31 01:49:47 ET

today is the greatest day ive ever known, yes that is from "today" by the smashing pumpkins but i had a good day which is something different n doesnt happen often but my day was so good...
and to the person this is about.. u know who u r!

2005-07-31 03:01:13 ET

rawk. congrats on teh good day

2005-07-31 03:24:19 ET

thanks mate!
so happy.. might go masturbate!

2005-07-31 07:16:33 ET

Funny thing about that song, I have this feeling that you're supposed to apply it to every day of your life, making it all a matter of mindset.

2005-07-31 20:42:43 ET

lol, masturbation is cool. lol i suppose thats a good way to celebrate =p

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