guitars r awesome
2005-08-02 11:51:46 ET

im doing work experience this week and im workin at a guitar shop. its so awesome.. i get to play guitars all day n use any guitar i want and any amp and pedals and i get to test all the new stuff!
its great, and the guys there are awesome! i might b buyin a new bass.. oh, and the dood there is restringing my acoustic with elixirs free of charge! how great!

2005-08-02 14:09:58 ET

ahhhh, elixirs :-D They're pretty nifty. Expensive too :-/

I used to work at a mom and pop music store, and they had it's sort of similar!

by the by, I love my strat too :-)

2005-08-02 14:30:24 ET

i saw a band where the guitarist had one of dem nifty old Roland guitars (that have MIDI like keyboards do) and turn it into a normal guitar. Highly unusual looking and great metal sound.

2005-08-02 15:18:40 ET

That's a freakin' cool job indeed...

2005-08-04 04:32:39 ET

Sweet Job! I love the elixir strings they do cost more but they are great on an acoustic.

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