2005-08-06 02:07:47 ET

i got a bass yesterday!

2005-08-07 14:18:25 ET

What kind of bass?

2005-08-09 03:11:36 ET

just a shiteface one.. like a casino lol

2005-08-09 03:39:21 ET

Mine is a used Ibanez that i got used, It doesn't matter what it looks like as long as the sound you want comes out of it ;)

2005-08-11 02:42:41 ET


2005-08-11 04:04:07 ET

Hey you'd be surprised how musicians say "Yeah that one has a great sound. But does it come in Burgandy, or maybe a hunter green?"


2005-08-12 01:38:43 ET

haha.. not this girl!

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