im a weirdo
2005-08-09 03:16:47 ET

i just realised how weird i am..
the i guess its the main reason i hav no friends n e more..
im a weirdo..
i wish i knew why i was so dumb.
im a violent, crazed bitch who has no idea of how life really works..
ur meant to hav a group of mates right? n ment to enjoy life at least a little? meant to hav free days instead of being stuck raising ur younger siblings? meant to hav a dad whos not a drugfu#ked alcoholic?
i dno exactly wat i need, but i need some form of escape..

2005-08-09 05:06:09 ET

If you need to talk I'm here. I PMed you my contact info.

2005-08-09 06:31:59 ET

This situation sounds like the one my younger half sister is in. Its fucked up. Im proud of you for being able to handle it thus far.

2005-08-09 12:15:00 ET

i would like to second the "i'm proud of you" comment. i had to help raise my lil bro when i used to live at my moms. it does make you cherish your sibilings a bit more than if u weren't helping raise them.

2005-08-09 19:34:47 ET

escape? blow shit up. it works for us.

2005-08-11 02:45:50 ET

its turning me against them..
all they do si tell me they hate me n never wana c me again.. :S:S

2005-08-11 03:27:43 ET

"escape? blow shit up. it works for us."

Muhahahhaha roflmao :P

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