long time low
2005-08-28 02:27:58 ET

i think im suffering from "nobody cares about me" disease..
ive pushed everybody away and have got nobody..
nobody to talk to, to hang around with, to tell secrets to..
u dont realise what youve got until its gone and this has made me realise that..
the person you love most always slips away from u, no matter how much love you giv them even when u hug them when theyre sad, kiss them on the forehead, tell them its ok..
cry tears for them in sympathy.. no matter what u do.. u try to please them n then they think ur obsessed...
im a very empathetic person...
i love everything and everybody too much
i think thats why i hate myself so much..
love you all xoxo

2005-08-28 02:32:47 ET

Be like me, an arrogant asshole, it's fun :D:D:D:D

2005-08-28 06:54:54 ET

im sorry hun. i know what you mean. i know you dont know me, but ive always got an ear to spare. sounds like we could learn a little something from each other. mew.

2005-08-30 19:43:51 ET

aww.. thanks sweeti!
luv u

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