2005-09-02 02:16:25 ET

ok im so freaking sick n my glands r so freaking swollen that when i move my neck im in pain!
im feeling very stressed, yet dazed and empty..
doing a monologue for drama on emptiness. the teacher will probably think im a heaps good actor because when i read over it i cry so imagine acting it.. its cause it comes from the heart..
love you all

2005-09-02 06:40:54 ET


2005-09-02 07:04:58 ET

my goodness I know how you feel.

I just did a "sicky" post as well.

2005-09-09 02:50:28 ET

Omg, fucking call me up Amy, I'm all alone at this house :(

2005-09-12 14:48:40 ET

sorry .. my computer has a virus n is stuffed .. this entry is being written at school while im doing some crappy science thing.. i hate science.. although my things on chemical imbalances of the body.. is depression a chemical imbalance of the brain?
xoxo love u all

2005-09-12 15:09:14 ET

I've been missing you :(

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