2005-09-12 14:49:55 ET

my computer has a virus.
fucking great.
now it wont do anything.
thank god my brother's a computer nerd he might fix it.
i hate school.
save me.
i love you all.
take me back to the 90's so i can go to a smashing pumpkins concert!

2005-09-12 15:32:47 ET

Maybe you should poke your computer with a stick? Thats what I do when someone or something gets sick...

2005-09-12 15:45:38 ET

lol, here here, I'd love to see my fave acts performing again. SP may get together again some day for a reunion, but think of this, Alice in Chains can NEVER get back together, neither can Nirvana...makes you think that the other bands would take note and play together while they can

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