2006-07-16 07:36:57 ET

What's all this about then?

2006-07-16 08:18:26 ET

Welcome, stranger.

We're just a bunch of kindly odd folk. Have fun and look out for the van.

2006-07-16 08:39:17 ET

ah you know, this and that and other stuff.

2006-07-16 08:41:42 ET

What they said.

2006-07-16 11:45:02 ET

It's about baby-raping and peanut butter sex.

2006-07-16 11:45:07 ET


2006-07-16 11:51:29 ET

Silus, welcome to SK. ^_^

Whatever you do...do NOT get in the van. You'll understand when more of the welcoming committee comes your way.

I <3 the artsy things on your page. ^_^

2006-07-17 00:02:04 ET

Welcome to SK
*Hands you a pixi stick*
Dont worry, it wont hurt you
just wait for the van...its good

2006-07-17 03:33:19 ET

peanut butter sex

2006-07-17 07:24:04 ET

Well, I think that answers that question...


(Also: peanut butter sex?)

2006-07-17 07:31:09 ET

The van is full of candy.... but don't be tempted
Welcome to SK =)

2006-07-17 07:31:46 ET

I got my pixi stick stash from the van!

2006-07-17 08:47:21 ET

Welcome to SubK!

Mind your Extremities

2006-07-17 12:03:08 ET

Welcome to SK!
Tuck in your elbows...

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