2006-07-17 07:29:19 ET

So what are people using this subkultures site for? Just to blog? As a myspace clone? What's the hook? Also: replacing 'c's with 'k's - does that still happen? Does anyone know categorically and without doubt what the best dinosaur ever was?

2006-07-17 07:34:05 ET


maybe baby bop.

2006-07-17 07:34:06 ET

SK is more than a blog. Its more of an interactive journal type I guess. You write peopple respond, people write your respond. Its kinda addictive.

the best dinosour was dino bceause he plays the best part in the flintstones!

2006-07-17 08:38:47 ET

The community is smaller, than say, LJ, so other people aside from your friends view and respon to your blog.

2006-07-17 08:50:26 ET

we're older than LJ and Myspace =p

It's similar but it's a more exclusive community with an overall better quality of members hehe

feel free to replace C's with K's as needed

I would sayyyyy Alligators are the greatest dinosaurs.

they actually survived.

2006-07-17 08:57:30 ET

Earl from the ABC show Dinosaurs

2006-07-17 09:28:03 ET

Brontosaurus. Particularly Gertie.

2006-07-17 12:06:15 ET


2006-07-18 07:54:42 ET

Who the hell was "baby bop"?

2006-07-18 07:58:30 ET


2006-07-18 20:30:57 ET

Baby Bop was one of the Barney clan. A triceratops, if I recall. ~_~ *does not like her*

TRUCK no this is no MySpace clone! *makes yucky face* But...everyone has more or less enumerated the core points. Members are screened, so by and large the ignorant morons are kept out. People here, at least in the upper nintieth percentile, think, and are supportive and...well...not of the mainstream. You have more flexibility on this site than you do on other "journaling" sites as far as your editing and styles and privacy goes, and it's much more of a community. A fun, insane community. ^^'

2006-07-18 20:52:29 ET

..i'll ignore the myself clone thing. Oh and here you get touched and you get to hop in the van. *nods*

2006-07-19 05:06:02 ET

baby bop.

2006-07-19 09:43:04 ET


2006-07-19 14:36:25 ET

Damnit, she DOES look cute. Oo

2006-07-23 11:09:36 ET

Okay, I'm finding Babay Bop kind of upsetting...

2006-07-24 02:17:51 ET

why upsetting?

2006-07-25 17:36:20 ET

Too many dinos named Baby. Baby from the already mentioned ABC series Dinosaurs, Baby Bop, Baby from that old movie about the dinosaur they found in the amazon. What's up with that?

2006-07-28 09:22:02 ET

-Wow, you seem to be quite the sceptic. How did you find out about SK anyway?

-Bloging is pretty much the main function of this site.

-The "hook" is the quality of people that you find here.

A Myspace clone!? What on God's green Earth makes you say that? 1. I'm pretty sure that SK was around and fairly strong before myspace first got really popular. 2. Yes, there is a lot more that you can do on Myspace than here (music and video uploading etc.), but ANYONE can have a myspace. Almost 1 in 3 Americans has one. The freedom from annoying cum dumpsters looking for an audience for their web-cams makes SK more than worth it for me.

The main reason I have a myspace is to keep in touch with people I already know.

The main reason I have an SK is to get to know people of substance.

as for the substitution of K for C, Perhaps Moxie was going for a Germanic quality? That's my guess.

"Best" is a rather broad term and has a rather subjective tinge to it. Is that what you're looking for? What exactly do you mean by the "best" dinosaur? My favorite was the Appatasaurus-Littlefoot was my favorite. I also really liked Duckie. I haven't seen that movie in YEARS. I should netflix it.

2006-08-01 16:30:27 ET

LJ is older than Subkultures. Subkultures.net is older than Myspace but only by about two months.

2006-08-13 22:18:45 ET

Not a sceptic, just asking, that's all. RE: Dinosaurs, I seek the universal, true-and-actual, absolute, platonic ideal, BEST dinosaur ever, okay? Maybe one with a hat.

2006-08-13 22:40:02 ET

ooooo, a dino chapeau! I like that! I can't think of a dino with a hat.... That would be really cool though.

2006-08-14 09:47:47 ET

The material with which the Milliners of the time constructed the hats unfortunately does not preserve well, leading many modern paleontologists to mistakenly conclude that Dinosaurs were not partial to hat wearing. In fact, ALL Dinosaurs (except for the mentally ill and social outcasts of the lowest classes) wore hats ALL THE TIME, often NEVER WEARING THE SAME ONE TWICE. Fact.

2006-08-14 10:19:18 ET

I believe it. a hat is a must!

2006-08-14 10:22:31 ET

totally! I mean, they didn't have sun screen back then, so they had to use something to shade their eyes with. Also, hats are just plain suave!

2006-08-26 04:00:08 ET

I'm not sure you should be using sunscreen to shade your eyes...

2006-08-26 05:03:38 ET

::pfft:: Maybe in your world.

2006-08-26 09:35:06 ET

...So then how's your eyesight these days, Picardy? oO

2006-08-26 15:24:02 ET

Never been better. ;o)

I suppose what I meant to say was a dino chapeau would keep the UVA and UVB rays of the sun off of said dino's face.

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