creatures of the night
2008-11-28 02:09:33 ET

went out last night, had been i 4 clubs, met nice girls, and i danced!
no my brain hurts.

2008-11-28 05:46:14 ET

sounds like a good time.

2008-11-28 09:36:29 ET

Yay for dancing!

not Yay for hurting brains! :)

2008-11-28 09:39:06 ET

but without drinking beer i would never dance!

2008-11-28 09:43:17 ET

Ich auch nicht! hahaha

2008-11-28 09:45:02 ET

hihihi!kicher, lach!

2008-11-28 15:37:06 ET

but what of the bad girls! YOU NEED THEM! COLLECT THEM ALL LIKE POKEMON!

2008-11-28 16:11:32 ET

okay! iŽll have a look...

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