fresh for life
2008-12-01 02:12:52 ET

so, i took a shower. wanted to eat some müsli with banana, but had no sugar or honey. i don´t like coffee without sugar anymore!
now my hair is dry and i can go to buy some and new catfood. i love shopping. would like to buy new clothes every week. i´ll have a look, although my dispo is too high.

2008-12-01 08:11:50 ET

Here's a great substitute for no sugar. I use a creamer. The flavour is spiced vanllia chai. Awesome anytime.

2008-12-01 10:24:45 ET

i think i won´t get this in germany, but thanx.
shouldn´t drink so much coffee at all, but i like it

2008-12-01 14:25:05 ET

what about honey? i usually use that in my coffee instead of sugar if i can get it.

2008-12-01 14:30:44 ET

when i need sugar, i take it, honey is much better, i know.
i take brown sugar, it´s not better than white, but hmmm!
and when you fake sugar or honey or creamer in your coffee, you´re not so hungry

2008-12-01 14:31:34 ET

fake is much better than take

2008-12-01 14:40:14 ET

my brother uses brown sugar in his coffee.

2008-12-01 14:42:59 ET

"kardamom" is great, too

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