whatīs going up in your mind?
2008-12-02 01:23:34 ET

i felt ashamed this morning, cause we had a discussion yesterday about sugar or no sugar in our coffee. and many people have to live with less than 1 euro per day! my frigde is filled with good things the most time, and i think often about the childs in africa, although i have no money to spend, thatīs the difference betweenus and third world.
yesterday, when i opened my page on myspace for a short time, there was a message of a 16 year old boy from gambia, but he wanted "more than friendship" so i didnīt answer, although i was interested in whatīs up there

2008-12-02 01:29:19 ET

where the hell is this gambia! i very rarely believe ppl on myspace on where they are from unless it says inside the blog because people lie on that whole Location part on myspace.

i can agree that you kno that we have a lot of poverty. and as someone who lives below the poverty line, i technically shouldnt have the crap that i do. but i do! cuz i'm insane.

2008-12-02 01:32:49 ET

youīre welcome, iīm insane, too

2008-12-02 01:39:33 ET

excellent, no wonder we are friends!

2008-12-02 01:50:33 ET

but iīm more insane than you! bäh!

2008-12-02 01:53:24 ET

i doubt it! oh wait, u might be! we must have a duel with....FIGHTING BANANANAS!

2008-12-02 02:01:04 ET

or with water pistols

2008-12-02 13:47:21 ET

there we go, water pistols at dawn.

2008-12-02 13:56:14 ET

okay, tell me the place

2008-12-02 14:01:36 ET

we need "sekundanten", you know ppl who are there when we do it

2008-12-02 14:05:51 ET

wait dawn your time or mine?

2008-12-02 14:08:06 ET

weīll meet in the middle, where the fuck it ever is

2008-12-03 01:20:00 ET

or we do it in your time, then rematch in my time!

2008-12-03 01:53:10 ET

thatīs a good idea
meet ya in 19 hours, here!

2008-12-03 07:27:00 ET

i think i work then lol

2008-12-04 02:13:18 ET

i havenīt been here, also. was by my fiend. his laptop is out of order. so i went home, as quick as i could, to be in bed with my lappi again.

2008-12-09 01:12:47 ET

sure!! i was occupied as well...with...things...yes, things....

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