2008-12-02 16:21:19 ET

drinking made me creative a few years ago. but tonight iīm drinking herbal-tea without any sugar and it could be my new drug. what the hell is in it? i took my sketchbook and the new eddings i bought today and draw and i must say itīs a nice picture or is it this tea?
- i think i should read more-
or draw more
or write more
play guitar
write songs

2008-12-02 17:07:34 ET

play guitar! i do it all the time.

2008-12-02 22:39:33 ET

right now when you wrote this, under the shower, in bed, on the street?

2008-12-02 22:42:50 ET

On a completely unrelated note Lars said you were good people so Hello and a late welcome to SK.

2008-12-02 22:45:11 ET

thank you, itīs never too late!

2008-12-03 00:41:21 ET

all three and then some, yo

2008-12-03 00:57:05 ET

yo, man!

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