me again
2008-12-04 12:30:01 ET

but after all, i heard some jazz today, from a german comedian, itīs crazy, but when you watch him on tv, you think, ok, heīs a german comedian, but when you listen to his jazz- mussic, you think, whatīs up. and he really answered me personally, itīs no computer or some ppl, who watch his page.
itīs crazy, sometimes

2008-12-04 13:49:18 ET

jazz is good for the soul

2008-12-04 13:57:56 ET

yeah, whenever i donīt know, what i could hear anymore, there may be some jazz, my most loved artist in that scene is john coltrane, but whenever i donīt like jazz anymore, i hear some classics,

2008-12-04 14:00:13 ET

listen to technical death jazz.

i love it.

2008-12-04 14:02:41 ET


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