to be me is sometimes hard
2008-12-09 00:43:58 ET

iīm still ashamed, cause i said some bad words to the new friend of carstenīs ex on sunday, when i as drunken.but i think i said sorry soon. i donīt know, what i said and i donīt wanna know.
i hope nobody of this ppl will be there on saturday, when carsten has his gig in braunschweig. itīll be the first time, iīll see him on stage.
we both are excited! i wanna have fun on this evening, but i know, sometimes itīs difficult for me to be with ppl.

2008-12-09 01:15:02 ET

oh u should have seen me the last time i was really plastered...suffice to say, i think they will never let me drink near lesbian...or women in general.

2008-12-09 01:28:08 ET

klemmy! youīre back again! i missed your crazy thoughts!

2008-12-09 01:31:58 ET

see my new post, its more emo than ever!

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