cool action
2008-12-10 11:53:57 ET

in this moment carsten sprays a grafitti on the wall of my "guestroom"
itīs a crazy fat thing btween bee, bird and angel in black and yellow and pink!!! i love it!!! but i didnīt know, that it smells so ugly, although we opened all windows. maybe i put a pic on sheinoxīs page on myspace later

2008-12-10 12:27:37 ET


2008-12-10 14:15:47 ET

nice ink dude

i want someone to graffiti my walls

2008-12-10 14:37:13 ET

the fumes could be intoxicating!

2008-12-10 15:25:54 ET

oo! i wanna see!

2008-12-11 00:36:37 ET

yeah, klemmy, i know now! after that spray-action we went out to smell fresh air, and i took carstens camera and wanted to make pics and pics, everything looked different, but maybe it comes, īcause we not often make a walk through my quarter in the night.

2008-12-11 06:09:04 ET

i came home work one day and my husband grafftied our entire basement...

2008-12-11 09:52:25 ET

very cool, allycore! i would like to live in a house with all so crazy ppl. i mean, my neighbours are sweet, but nothing happens,
i have to look, that music is not too loud and so on, although, my neighbours under me told me, that they like music, but all i can hear in this dead house, is when the neighbours over me have a loud , i mean, very loud discussion about their relationship, and sometimes i hear the piano from my neighbour next.
but i would love to live in a house full of music and kiddies and birdies and dogs shouting and so on...
there is a song, "the house, where nobody lives", i think tīs tom waits, but cannot remember now, īcause iīm drunken again and thinking of walking in the city, that is only 5 minutes,..
but i know, when iīll do that, there will be no tomorrow

2008-12-12 01:03:45 ET

living with a bunch of ppl who are loud and crazy would fit me great

2008-12-17 02:10:41 ET

my mom in law used to live in the room next to my studio, i had the live skinny puppy dvd (the newer one, not the older stuff) and it was a lil loud, she yelled, TURN THAT UP!

also, my friend Ken has declared war on the ppl underneath him who play a game with really loud drum n bass by playing his tv blaringly loud when they sleep.

2008-12-17 03:34:47 ET

i love it.

need a roommate lol

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