you will ask youself, where did i get here?
2008-12-16 17:28:44 ET

yesterday afternoon i went to another place to get free food.(1 euro to spend) first it was ok, i met some ppl, i know, there.
but then we had to went into the room, and stand around a table and had to wait, till a man told us to put the things in our bags.
but near me there were two berbers, who smelled very ugly, and i was happy to be back on the fresh air. i think iīll never go there again!

but at the same evening i met my ex in a nice pub and we spend a nice evening, charing a pizza and i drank only one beer and then a milk with honey!;D

2008-12-17 02:11:52 ET

oh man, there's this taste of chicago...oh it was so good...not free but soooo much meat buns!

2008-12-17 03:43:41 ET

milk with honey = awesome

2008-12-17 03:49:05 ET

yes, it was. and after it i wanted to drive home as fast as i could. sometimes itīs better to be at home, on your couch with the cats,candles on, tv-show and laptop on legs...
and i went to bed at 11! but then i awaked at 3.

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