2008-12-25 11:19:09 ET

yesterday we had a nice evening with geese- brest i made, fist time ever!
later we went on the skaterhall in y quarte, it was free and we saw a rap-crew from berlin and a band with digereedoo and i danced till 5! it was great and i made a lot of pics, will post them the next days on my myspacepage, but today im too tired, cause it was familyday.
carsten gave me a sexy dress of velvet, multicoloured! and a bon for a piercing!
dad gave me hundred euro like every year, and my sister a book, a timer and 20 euro!
so i will have a nice time in hamburg!

2008-12-25 11:53:30 ET

fun! merry christmas!

2008-12-26 01:42:06 ET

merry christmas to you, lady!

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