2008-12-28 04:41:59 ET

the rockn´roll hotel "kogge" was nice. every evening spinned a dj, friday "rotton rolf" with old punk, saturday a djane played three times "born t loose" by johnny thunders!
the roo was beautyful, te stuff was nice, only one guy was to dump to do his job in a right way.
saturday e did a shoppingtour. carsten bouht me red adidas "london", very nice!
i found an antique lamp for myguestroom for 6 euros! adan orginal ernie and a lp from sugarcubes, the old band of björk! i have see them two times in hamburg 15 years ago, and had them oly on tape, but y taperecorders are out of order. now i can listen to the again!
carsten bougt nikes vandales high black-gold an a maria with jesus on her arm.
then we went to a hiphopstore ad bought some markers.
friday evening carsten took his sketchbook into the kogge-pub and draw something. then came a sprayer on our table and draw with carsten in his book. that was very nice to see.
the party with scratchingdjs and rapper in onkel otto was crazy and for free!i thougt i was in la.
but someone touched me with his fnger in my stomach! so i hd to be a bad girl!
now we´re at home chilling!
i hope you all had a nice weekend, too!

2008-12-28 07:22:50 ET

sounds like you had a good time.

i wanna go to germany and experience the crazy german people.

and the sexy german accents. *drool*

2008-12-28 09:43:36 ET

you are welcome!

2008-12-28 12:27:10 ET

man..there was this girl that was en exchange student in my school from germany. her name was käthe..her accent made me NUTS


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