spring in winter
2009-01-05 03:14:06 ET

i just bought some red tulips for myself, so spring is in da house!
sun is shining, so later iīll go the little lake and feed the ducks(enten) and the crows with the dry bread, i collected since weeks.
thatīll be fun, crows are crazy!

2009-01-05 03:27:07 ET

i planted tulips last fall. it was fun.

2009-01-05 05:43:27 ET

i planted tulips three years ago outside in front of my window, every spring they grow, but when itīs warm, they die. never seen their colour

2009-01-05 09:47:35 ET

thats pretty much what happens with tulips anywhere. they are spring only, then die. cept maybe in the netherlands.

2009-01-05 09:58:46 ET

no, had a garden long time ago with one of my exīs , and there they came up and became big.

2009-01-05 10:49:37 ET

i still dont think they last very long. i think my dahlias lasted longer than my mom's tulips usually lasted

2009-01-05 10:52:33 ET


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