new pics!!
2009-01-11 23:56:20 ET

on friday i was at kiste´s bandroom! it was so cool, they rocked like hell!
look at sheinox´myspace page, i´m sorry, that i still not able to load it here
there was a dog, he was at my side all time and i feeded him with bread and gave him water, i would take him, but with my cats it´s not a good idea.

2009-01-12 11:48:46 ET

i want a dog.

my friend just got a basset hound. i want to steal it

2009-01-12 13:20:46 ET

yeah, i would like to steel krawall, that´s the name of the dog in the bandsroom, but he is so big, although he is only seven month, and he´ll get bigger. i think he would eat me the hair of my head, that´s what we say in german.
funny: i´m just looking tv and an actor, i don´t find his name right now, talked about his dogs and what they mean to him!!

2009-01-12 15:17:09 ET

i love dogs

2009-01-12 21:41:39 ET


2009-01-13 03:44:53 ET


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