2009-01-20 01:59:56 ET

today i was at my psych and told her about the fears of my ex and my daughter, i could get real insane in this spring again.
so we set up that i donīt take antidepressiva anymore and i must take a new neuroleptika again, shit!i cried a lot, when i came home. but she gave me a better one than zyprexa and i donīt have to take much.
better than to go to hospital
also i donīt wanna be dump again, and i was so creative the last time
there it goes, my beautyful life...

2009-01-20 05:06:57 ET

when they put me on zyprexa i freaked out... that is a bad drug.. at least for me :P

2009-01-20 05:31:51 ET

oh, you had to take it, too! it was not too bad for me, i got only 5mg, and then 2,5, also i was not creative anymore. and everybodies reaction on that stuff is different, you know. yes, you know. but now i got perazin and i hope, i can live in my "normal" way of life with it, it shall make me a little bit calmer and i will get more sleep wth it
i start it on thursday, today i wanna drink and tomorrow i wanna be fit

2009-01-21 04:49:03 ET

depakote worked for me, but i have bipolar...

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