2009-01-20 15:18:52 ET

went to bed not to late, 12 or so, played a little games on and then slept. when i woke up, had the feeling that i slept for hours, but it was just 1:30 in the night! looked at the time once again if it would be 7:30, but no! only one hour sleep! i was in a very bad mood, hated the night and wished it would be morning. but i had 1 becks ice in the frigde left and sk! and now i feel better

2009-01-20 18:42:40 ET

I hate those kind of nights.

off subject, but "" reminded me of a joke i heard a kid tell another kid today at work.

What kind of king makes cookies and cup cakes?



2009-01-20 21:39:06 ET

kicher! lolol! thanx for this start in the morning! :D

now i waked up with minis tail in my nose, that made me laugh by awaking. it was 8,so i slept 4 hours. if i had take my new medicine, i would still sleep, i think, till midday again.
but today wil be an active day,this morning i can go for free food, this afternoon johanna visits me the first time, so i have to clean up a little bit, then carsten and i will cook, cuz my frigde will be more than full for a week or longer.
so iLL take my medicine tomorrow, cuz i dunno how i go with it.
at least im protected by my carbamazipin.
oh god, i hate it!
but i hate hospitals more, we say KLAPSE and PSYCHOS!!

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