2009-02-11 23:07:39 ET

i´m at carsten´s home, he is at work, i watch yavido and mtv, cuz i have no music-tv at home. this morning i watched a video, i got cuz i left my adress at an internet adress, they talk about easy jobs by computer at home, and sell "the perfect breakfast" the name of the organisation is wellbiz. in the video they talk about ppl, who got rich with it. i wanted to do it for a few hours, but i think, i don´t do that, i´m not a seller. and the video is about 2 hours, i saw the half and don´t know, what´s all about, maybe you must invest, that´s nothing i would or could do.

today i have a date in a youth-center, where i could make black and white fotos, we´ll have a look in the "darkroom", sorry i hope it´s the right word. i have two old mechanic fotoapparates, and to do this kind of art would be great, but if i have to buy the chemicals and foto-paper, it would be impossible in the next time. i hope, everything is there.

money: i got a little bit from carsten, cuz we selled the peter fox-tickets at e-bay.
and carsten selled his gibson and a keyboard, that´s a shame, but so this month wouldn´t be so cruel to us.
and i will make a "flohmarkt", like garage-selling in usa, at home, it´s allowed, i need only a big table, hope my father will bring me.
so i can sell all my books and some lp´s and cd´s and all the stuff in my cellar.

tonight i´ll go out with my ex wolf-stephan, he is a nice guy, 26 and a little fat, and has a sarcastic humour.
and he will pay for this evening!!

so it´s gonna be a nice day!

2009-02-12 03:16:52 ET

its always a sad day when one must sell their gear!

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