little wonder
2009-02-23 10:37:18 ET

today the nurses of the dayandnight-clinic called me and gave me a liitle 2 hours job in the clothes shop for tuesdays and thursdays.
just a little money, this came from heaven!

2009-02-23 10:49:21 ET

that's so exciting! congratulations!

2009-02-23 12:28:48 ET

money = rawk!

2009-02-24 10:28:16 ET

i had a good "first work day"! it is nice, to tell ppl, how clothes fit to them, and itīs so cheap there! so itīs double-fun.
and in the cafe there was a birthday with selfmade cake and live-music from a guitar-player and singer!
and carsten and a friend of me, andreas, visited me there on my first day! carsten said iīm a pretty seller! what else could i say about this great day?
for lunch i went to a place. where you can eat for 1,50 euro, but i had a bon, cuz i gave some tabac to weeks ago to a friend, and he gave me that meal-bon.
there i met some ppl, we talked about coffee, and i said, i had my last one in the morning, then a man told me, if i would come tomorrow to the same place, he would give me some coffee! and another meal-bon! iīll give him some potatoe-chips,
thatīs solidarity among the poor!

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