the sea
2009-06-21 07:58:16 ET

we had been there for the last week. had nice weather, although it was to cold for me to swim; carsten went in every day, i only with my legs.
and we found a lonely beach where nobody was, only a pair o swans. that was great!
our room was with the view of the sea and the main beach, so we only had to go out to be on the water.
this was the last time carsten could give the most part for a holiday, he wants another new guitar, and needs new windows for his living-room
i hope i can lay back a little money every month, so we could fly to barcelona next year
i also could imagine to go to north-africa, itīs not so expensive for a week, too
but that means to live very disciplinated for more than a year

2009-06-21 08:09:59 ET

North africa is interesting. My tante esther took me to morrocco a while ago.

2009-06-21 10:32:11 ET

oh, how was it? how long have you been there?
when i was a teenager i dreamed to go to marocco, but better not,maybe i would be dead o sth else now
to make holidays would be ok now, with my man, but think about it, if i would have leaved to go there with 13 or so, i was blonde when i was younger... and open minded to smoke everything
but nowadays my friend a i make only holydays, that are sure.
hope you understand me.
does your aunt esther live there?

2009-06-27 09:27:08 ET

It is nice.. I went in 2000.

And yes I understand you :)

She lives in germany

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