2009-06-24 10:38:01 ET

just made a comment on sepulturas "status", cause they are in prague and wheather is bad an they wanna go out to have some czech beer, and a few minutes later i saw, that they visited my page. never thought, they would do it.

before i went out for shopping, and the young lady gave me 20 euro too much back. i told her, then i was angry about that, but i think itīs better or my karma or so

monday i worked at "psycho-cafe" and everything was fine, there were not so much guests, but i had a lot of good talks- then, in the early afternoon, an older woman came in with hate in her face and sayd very bad things to everyone, espacially to me. she was drunken, and dont took her medicine for a while, we think
it was very hard to see her like this, like a shock
and the things she sayd to me were very hard, although i had been nice to her in the past
and even to the nurses she was in a very bad mood.
i hope i will never be like her

2009-06-24 10:42:38 ET

(the thing with sepultura was on myspace, i forgot, sorry)

and my cat yecim can say :"naaah!" like : " hello!"

2009-06-24 13:20:02 ET

if someone gave me 20 bucks too much back in change i think i would tell them. psotive karma for the win

good choice

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