new life
2009-09-01 11:47:01 ET

had a haircut today, but they are still long.
went to a bookshop to order a book about the 12 steps and traditions. (and bought a secondhand about dalai lama,answering questions to lifesituations)
yes, i joined AA, today i visited my 4th meeting since wednesday. funny old men there today, we laughed a lot, one of them is 75, sober since he had been in my age. he slept a while between others talked, why not.
thursday ill go next time, in another part of the city.
it works.

tomorrow is a summer-party in the house for "psychos", where i paint on tuesdays . carsten will be there, too, after work. then well have a nice still excited to have a date with him, although we spend the whole weekend together and every wednesday.
im happy when i read about others relationships here, who are happy together, too

2009-09-01 12:03:31 ET

congratulations on the aa & good luck!

we're happy to read about your happy relationship!

2009-09-01 14:25:38 ET

yes, i agree with what subsume said!

we like hearing you are happy too :)

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