bye, bye sweet mini!
2009-10-07 08:26:00 ET

mini, my lovely little cat, had to go yesterday morning.
she was nearly sixteen years on this planet.
mini was thinny and pretty like a fairy and very nice.

monday morning she couldnīt walk right, pet doctor gave her an injection, but later she couldnīt walk anymore.
so yesterday morning the doc saw no hope and asked me to allow him to give her the death-injection.
i couldnīt stand her pain, so i said yes.
it was only a second, and she passed away.

i took her home, called my ex at work, and in the evening carsten and he helped me to dig her grave in the forest.

i hope yeschim, my one year older cat, will stand by me for a few years.

2009-10-07 08:54:24 ET

R.I.P mini!!!!

2009-10-07 12:22:52 ET

:( I'm sorry.

2009-10-07 13:26:51 ET

I am sorry for you loss. cats can be good friends

2009-10-07 14:05:52 ET

I'm sorry for your did the right thing.

2009-10-07 15:16:13 ET

:( she had a good long life.

2009-10-07 20:39:49 ET


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