this winter sucks, but still alive
2010-01-29 20:46:00 ET

an hour ago i could watch the brightest and biggest moon i ever saw.
it was random, i couldnīt sleep( no wonder !) and in bed i thought about a new little poetry. posted it on myspace, and so on.
suddenly i recogniced this spectacle, it was like the moon would warn us about to take care, or if the sun would explow in a minute, or sth like that. and fog, fast clouds to give the right setup.
it was faszinating.

my last time? i did only the things i had to do, creeping on the ground, not really, but it was the feeling.
but iīm proud i made all my ways with my bike, instead of the snow and the cold temperatures.
but i donīt like to take the bus or tram.

i lost the contact to the older lady, where i cleaned up the rooms. it was to much for me, she wanted to contact me all the time, and she often talked about her problems grounded on her childhood, i couldnīt stand it anymore.
sheīs an interesting person, i wonīt loose the contact for ever, but now i need my own thoughts in my head.

last evening carsten and i answered questions in net about our sexuality and partnership. i read about it in newspaper, a project of 2 students.
i can say, it was very nice after it.

all i hope is spring comes soon

love, sue

2010-01-30 04:47:03 ET

tonight was the wolf moon!

2010-01-30 05:06:20 ET

i know, thx! but this morning i wasnīt sure if it is written woolfe, so i didnīt wrote it at all. germans! :)

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